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A blog is a very important this to have in order to become known on the Internet.  We find that most small and mid-sized businesses simply under rate its potential because they don’t have time to do it.  Google is an information munching machine and it loves to gobble up content. This is because Google’s algorithm is programmed to give the people what they want.  The more content you have, the more Google has to search through for the people.  It takes time, patience and skill because it’s not easy.  We understand that the word “busy” is at the beginning of the word “business”, but you’re just going to have to bring your business into the 21st century.  The good news is that we can blog for you!  Just contact us for details on that.  We can even train someone on your staff to blog.

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In conclusion, all you need to do is talk about everyday things that happen in your business.  Did you get a new water cooler in the company break room?  Are you working and a new and exciting project?  How many days before you land that big contract?  What is going on in your research and development department.  Don’t make this hard.  Just start typing and a college freshmen level about what’s happening in your business.  People in small businesses don’t usually don’t blog because they are too busy. Another reason people don’t blog is that it can we tough to view your business from the inside because you work there everyday.  It really helps, but it takes time.  The secret is blog, blog, blog.  In conclusion, if you are too busy, we can do it for you.