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Voted #1 Web Design Company | In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!


Voted #1 Web Design Company In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!



Creating 2D & 3D logos that get noticed

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Creating Logos that get people to notice

Logo Design is clearly our thing. Digital Designs specializes in creating 3D logo designs that make you stand above others. A 3D logo design is a variation of simple two-dimensional logos. Three-dimensional logos are more dynamic and eye-catching than a 2D logo could ever be. 

There are times when a 2D is more relevant for a certain company. But, for people who are looking for the best look and something that makes people say “WOW”, nothing can compete with the realism of a 3D logo. 

Also, there are many companies out there that will make a logo they claim is 3D. The problem is that all they are doing is adding a shadow or reflection to your 2D logo. 

Our 3D logos are created by modeling software so it is rendered in true 3D space. They use real textured maps that give you that realistic 3D look. 

We can take your logo and use it in many places, because the logos are designed in real 3D space. For example, animations, video commercials, etc.. A 3D logo can be used anywhere that a 2D can be used and even more.

Don’t settle for simple, plain logos that people overlook. Allow us to design a 3D logo that will amaze your viewers. We have passionate designers who truly love what they do and it reflects in their work. Take a look at our graphic design portfolio for many examples. 

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3D Logo?

3D logos get more attention then 2D.

Sure we can design 2D logos too, but it takes much more skill and expertise to design in 3D and the impact they make is no comparision. Convert your logo to 3D today.