Website Design Portfolio

Creating Designs That WOW!

As you can see from the above case studies, we clearly make some amazing websites.  It would surely be a great thing if we could put the hundreds of websites we have designed into our portfolio.  Quite frankly, that would just take too much time.  In the past, there has only been enough time to put some of our favorites into our portfolio.  We are finding that our clients’ websites are keeping us busy.  Our graphic design portfolio is much bigger.  However, as time passes we are hoping to put many more sites into our website design portfolio.

It’s worth mentioning that many of our clients have done many sites with us over the years.  We started out as the Michigan authority in Flash design and development.  As the industry changed, so did we.  Monitors got widescreen and larger.  Next, monitors got smaller again as PC sales lost to tablets and smartphones.  Now, tablets are losing to PCs and monitors are reaching resolutions greater than the capabilities of your eyes!  The entire time, Digital Designs has been there studying the industry and adapting to the technologies.

Some of the sites that you see above are huge organizations that you recognize like the University of Michigan’s Taubman Medical Research Institute.  Likewise, some of our clients are lesser known organizations like The Swan Valley Banquet Hall.  Furthermore, we have clients that not only reside on our Website Design Portfolio, but also our Graphic Design Portfolio.  Williams Cheese fits that description.  We created a informational/eCommerce website along with a full product re-brand.  Come to think of it, Williams Cheese also included a little Corporate Branding, Logo Design and Literature.  Working with them has been a pleasure.  Many of our services have helped them sell a lot of cheese!  Just look at all of the locations that now sell their cheese.