Mobile Website Design

Creating A Mobile Experience That Gets RESULTS!

Mobile Website Design

Creating A Mobile Experience That Gets RESULTS!

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Mobile website usage is on the meteoric rise!  As of February 2017, there are over 2.87 Billion mobile phone users worldwide. In the United States, most use their phone over their computer to access the internet.

Smartphones are changing the way people shop, travel and plan recreational events. Many people are so reliant on their smartphone that they cannot function without them. As a marketing and design company, we see this as a great opportunity for our clients to reach people in a way that was impossible before the use of smartphones and mobile devices. Mobile website design is the best way to reach those users.

Don’t wait to build your mobile presence! You absolutely need a mobile website design that delivers. The longer you wait to get your mobile website relevant in Google, the harder it will be to achieve a good ranking. Google’s algorithm is based on relevancy and that relevancy is not something you can easily get. The longer your mobile website is irrelevant and your competitors are relevant, the slimmer the chance you have to ever getting your mobile website ranked in Google.

Contact us today and we will plan a strategy to create a mobile website design that will help you rank better and deliver your message to you customers.

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Most websites that have a focus primarily on the desktop user experience tend to fall short when you view them on a mobile device. Google is mandating that your website focus on the mobile experience before the desktop experience. The issues with this approach is that companies do not know how to properly design a website that uses a responsive design to look good on all devices. They tend to create a design that is very boring and basic and uses a lot of negative space to compensate for the one website for all devices requirements of a responsive design.

If you look at the websites that have been designed over the past few years, you will see that they all look the same due to the mobile restraints on design. You may ask, “Why does this matter to me?”.  Well, we know that people respond to things that look good and stand out and if you do not stand out from the rest, you cannot expect people to buy your products or services over your competition. Why take that chance? Allow Digital Designs to create a mobile website that will stand out from the pack and get RESULTS!