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Voted #1 Web Design Company | In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!


Voted #1 Web Design Company In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!

Producing Amazing


Creating Video Effects & Productions Like Hollywood!

Video - Audio


creating vision into reality with the wow factor

Digital Designs takes pride in setting our customers apart from the rest when it comes to visually engaging an audience—we also know that it is not easy to know how your idea will translate from imagination-to-screen.

Here’s the order in which production projects generally occur:

1. Concepting
2. Scriptwriting
3. Pre-production
4. Videography (Shoot)
5. Graphics Design & Creation
6. Original Music or Library Music tracks

7. Voice Recording
8. Editing
9. Motion Graphics & Special Effects
10. Animation
11. Final Edit, Mix, and Master 12. Dubs (Copies) or other Distribution

Michigan - Video Editing



creating full feature videos for you

This video is a perfect example of an effective corporate video presentation. 

Our client, Komptech, utilizes the video for multiple uses: websites, YouTube and other shared platforms. 

Let us build your next video presentation.



if you can dream it, we can make it

We can create things in post production that are nearly impossible to tell if it’s real or not. 

With today’s hardware and software, creating realistic special effects is cheaper than ever.  

Now is the time to create some impact!

Post Production


Post production on a entire different level

Digital Designs post-production professionals work hard to refine and shape your vision. From the time we bring your footage into our post-production suite, through the editing process, and onto the final touches, our editors are well-versed and immersed in your project. You are always welcome to come and sit in on Video editing sessions, and your feedback throughout the process is considered invaluable. Our team can handle all manner of post-production needs: from Video editing through color correction; DVD authoring and duplication; to preparation for broadcast or web.

Our seniority speaks not only to the expertise and professionalism of the service we provide, but also to our stability as a long-term business partner. Digital Designs will meet and exceed your expectations in quality and efficiency.

We are experienced. We easily adapt. We strive for new heights. We are ready and willing.

Ready to Impress With

Video Editing?

It’s time to blow your competition away

The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million. So convey your message to your clients in a way that only video can produce. With our abilities from marketing, design and video production we will convey a message that is guaranteed to hit a home run.