Testimonials are important to any business.  We take ours very seriously.  Our goal is that every client gives us a 5 star review.  In fact, requesting a review is actually a step in our amazing process.  Testimonials are a measuring tool to show that our relationship with the client is where it should be.

Michelle Krebs


We just went live with our new and greatly improved website created by Digital Designs. This is the second site they created for us and, as much as we liked the first one, we LOVE the second one even more. They are very professional and extremely creative. Everyone worked with us very closely to build a site that truly expressed who we are here at Envision Eye Care.

They know what matters in the rankings and will create a site that incorporates these important aspects, making your website a true extension of your business and get you noticed. A pleasure to work with, I recommend Digital Designs to anyone looking to build a new presence on the web. Thank you Digital Designs for a job well done!

Matthew Schulz


The knowledgeable, experienced team at Digital Designs is second to none in all aspects of digital marketing. My current law firm contracted with them to build our firm’s website several years ago and they have always been very helpful and courteous when we needed maintenance or support. Their custom design of the website’s back end has produced a high ranking on many search engines.

Their team understands the importance of a digital marketing presence to distinguish your business in any market. No job is too big for Digital Designs and they have the resources to make your vision a reality.

Our firm is a returning customer and I am confident that we will continue to rely on the expertise, dedication, and innovative ideas the team at Digital Designs has to offer.

Katrina P. Campau


Thank you for putting us on the map, Digital Designs! You far exceeded my expectations. With your guidance and expertise, we were able to improve and build a brand that impacts our clientele and prospects. What I appreciate about how you do business is that it’s straight forward, you follow a logical format and do what you say you’re going to do.

When you asked me what words best describe the brand I was aiming to build I answered: National feel, classy, professional. Together with your team, you knocked it out of the park. You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I receive from the site. In addition, what separates me from my competition is that I have the welcome video on my homepage. It was so worth it! You met and exceeded every element of the site.

I’m so grateful for your service. Thank you for helping us in our marketing and Online presence development.

Gabriel Faubert


Digital Designs has, by far, been the most vital partner to the success of my business. There is no question in my mind as to why they are voted the best web design company in Michigan. However, they are so much more than your typical web design company because they offer many services beyond building websites.

Dewayne and his team helped create an entire product image for my brand new energy supplement, Kloud 9 Energy. They were given a general concept from which they created a top-notch website, business cards, product labels, and marketing materials. It is an unbelievable advantage to have one company provide almost any marketing service desired. I believe that choosing another web design company would have put us 6-12 months behind where we currently are. As they say… ‘You get what you pay for’ and at any price, Digital Designs is a bargain.

Gordon McIntosh


SWS-Trimac has been in business since 1967 providing Welding and Machining Services solely relying upon our reputation and internet advertising as our marketing campaign. Since getting Digital Designs involved in 2011, our business has seen double digit increases in sales each of the first two years. We have reached new markets which further extended our diversity which should spawn new opportunities in the future.

I have to give your team much of the credit for this success not only in website development but with the work done on our brochures and creation of our new logo.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Thomas Roy


This was my third attempt on having a company build our website. The other two companies just wanted to add extras that was going to keep running up the tab. After a long exhausting hunt for reputable firm, I found Digital Designs. I was quite reluctant to even start to go through the whole ordeal, and explaining everything AGAIN, but Dewayne was very patient and understanding.

It was much easier then the previous times, and Digital Designs took the charge. From beginning to end I was satisfied. After the finished product was completed, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop with additional expanses, but they never surfaced, and was told ” I gave you the proposal, and that’s it”! I recommend this firm to everyone.

Luke Coblentz


A friend of mine referred Digital Designs to me.  The experience of working with them I absolutely loved. I was looking for a quality website, yet simple to use and they delivered. I recommend Digital Designs to all of my friends, and anytime I hear of a need for designing, they are first to come to mind.

Dewayne created not only an awesome website, but the business cards and marketing materials I needed to be successful in my play set business. Everyone who sees my business cards can’t help but exclaim how amazing they look, and the website always loads quickly, on a desktop or any mobile device. Very helpful, courteous and friendly. Therefore, I highly recommend them, all the way from Texas!

Rick Combs


I’ve been a client of Digital Designs for years. Owning multiple companies, they are the first source I turn to for logos, business cards and brochures. Every website that they have created has been simply top notch.

Digital Designs is hands-down the best in this industry.

Update – Have to give a shoutout to Dewayne Dailey. Now working a deal with a very large firearms company to service parts in the 5-6 digit quantity after seeing the work we do all thanks the the awesome website that they have built us. You guys need to check out www.reactionarmory.com if you haven’t yet and see the unbelievable work they do. Also, be sure to check them out as well!