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Voted #1 Web Design Company | In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!


Voted #1 Web Design Company In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!



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e-commerce web design proven to sell more

Digital Designs will create an e-commerce solution that raises the bar for your viewers. We will also design an online experience that will exceed expectations and give you a return on investment.

The way we will design your online store will focus on providing the user with a clear message. We will use call-to-action elements throughout the website to get the viewer to engage and to move forward within the website. For that reason, they will be gently persuaded to make a purchase. 

Our UX (user experience) designers know what it takes to convert traffic. As a result, each page will load fast and your store front will have an easy checkout to keep the customer satisfied.

Our objective is to provide you with an aesthetically appealing website that is carefully thought out with the conversion process in mind so you can convert site visitors into customers. There are literally tens of thousands of web design companies in the world who just take a few hours to throw a website together and pray you convert on your traffic.  This is because IT people think that web design is in their wheel house.  We say that just because websites are on computers, it doesn’t mean that IT people can design.  IT is easy and a given in this business compared to web design which is hard.

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does your e-commerce website convert?

Website design, especially e-commerce design, if done haphazardly can devastate your reputation online with your customers. Even worse, search engines will not rank your website anymore. Rather than using cookie cutter templates that are as ineffective as they are aesthetically displeasing, we build your site with marketing principles in mind to make sure your website is done right the first time and will convert each precious customer you get to your website. 

Our behind the scenes expertise provides you with a visually stunning website that’s fully optimized and functional with all the business applications and strategies you need.

On the outside, we constantly hear people say “Our website seems good to us, we just don’t understand why no one is buying from us.” 

Our professionals see things that you don’t see. We are trained to spot issues that stop customers from buying from your online store. This is the advantage of allowing us to design your e-commerce solution.

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allow digital designs to help you increase sales

Now is never a better time to sell your products and services online. Digital Designs has a proven record of taking existing e-commerce websites and making them convert better increasing sales and customer retention. It’s time to do things the right way.