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Voted #1 Web Design Company In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!



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Mobile Apps Are the ultimate engagement

Why Apps? Apps give your business perseverance that amplifies past the Internet and truly into your clients’ pockets and handbags. Your customers no longer have to access their computers to discover you. With an App, they’ll have all the info they need about you actually in the palm of their hand. Furthermore, people like Apps because they are just cool. They can be made to work as corporate branding which is just one more benefit to an App. It will simply make you look more professional than a competitor who does not have a mobile App.

Nowadays, Apps are the “New Web Site”. They are available to customers who are on the go and on their telephones. Studies indicate that people who are purchasing and looking for information are doing this more on a mobile device than on a desktop computer. This means you need not only a mobile website, but an App as well. Your App must be able to serve the information your customers need at all times. Now more than ever, it’s time to get a mobile App developed.

Digital Designs is fully capable of your App project from start to finish. We can help you storyboard your App if you don’t know what you need. We can also develop for both Apple IOS and Android. You may even have a special in-house need. If all of your sales staff, for example, use the iPad mini we can create a proprietary App use for them.

Apple & Andriod


We can create an App for all platforms

DESIGN & PROGRAMMING FOR APPLE : Digital Designs’ Apple developers can create an App for your business to engage your customers or make your business run smoother and allow for easy business processes to take place remotely, saving time and money.

– Current number of apps in the App Store: 1,000,000+
– U.S. Apple Smart-phone Sales: 43.5%
– U.S. Apple Smart-phone Subscribers: 52.3%

DESIGN & PROGRAMMING FOR ANDROID : The Android application designers at Digital Designs can aid you in every aspect of designing and developing your Android application. From the intricate design process, to the submission of a concluded application into the Google Play application store, we have the experience to make your application work.

– Current number of Android apps on Google Play: 1,195,932
– U.S. Android Smart-phone Sales: 51.2%
– U.S. Android Smart-phone Subscribers: 52.3%

Looking For A


allow digital designs to build you a custom one.

Getting your customers to download and install your App gives you access to them 24/7. You can send them notifications at any time and you can almost GUARANTEE they will see them. Unlike E-mails and other forms of communication, a mobile App puts you in  communication with your customers like no other form can.