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This company came to use to improve their website which was designed by another company. Once we saw what they had online we knew we had to help. We slightly tweaked their logo to better fit the look of the new website and the promotion literature we are designing.  We just had a post website completion meeting and they informed me in the first two weeks of the website being online they landed 2 jobs that were over 10 times what they invested into the website. Its funny that in just two weeks this company made a total of 20 times their (ROI) return on investment.  Its amazing what a website can do for your business. Over the past 5 years we are batting 100% ROI for our customers and over 60% of them have similar stories to this company.

WEBSITE TECHNOLOGY: HTML, JavaScript, Flash Aniamtion

FUTURE PLANS: Search Engine Optimization, Promotional DVD, Sales Force Literature