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Union Court Assisted Living is one of our newer clients.  They contacted us for a website redesign.  One of my immediate thoughts was our Logo Design services.  As you can see from above, their existing logo was OK.  It represented them well for about ten years.  But, if we were going to make their website jump off the map, the logo was a great place to start.  It was more of a redesign that a design.  We did it in such a way that they wouldn’t have the huge expense of repurchasing everything that the existing logo was on.  They can transition at their leisure or as the need arises.  Anything new will have the new logo.  In fact, I’ve already had a discussion about some literature that would really complement their new website.  One thing at a time.

The Road Map

Before I go any further, you can click here to see Unions Court’s existing site.  Now that we have a new logo, our designers can start to build their new site.  We have colors along with a look and feel that I believe really suits them.  I toured their facility this morning and fell comfortable.  The staff and the residents seemed at home here.  My job is to portray this great experience to our designers so the the website will do the same.  As we interviewed Kelly we really got the impression that she likes her job and is passionate about her career path and investment into Union Court.  (Kelly is one of the owners).  The interview will also give us directions into the design of the page.


We really enjoyed working with Kelly and look forward to watching their business grow for years to come.  Please check them out if you have an elderly family member.  Also, look for their new website in the weeks to come.


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