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Original Custom Designs

A lady came to our office with an idea.  She had a passion to follow the American Dream of free enterprise.  Because of this dream, a new business may form in the near future.  It looks like it’s going to be a business that sells amazing looking t-shirts.  It all starts with a logo.  I just love it when a client comes to us for a logo design because it usually means that more business and a long-term relationship is about to follow.  We probably should charge a lot more for our logo designs, but we look at them as a bit of an olive branch to clients.  They see our designs and it adds a level of peace yet excitement to our working relationship with them.  Website Design, Literature, Strategic Planning and other services we offer can be intimidating.

Moving forward

In conclusion, I would love to help Trish in her endevors to sell her t-shirts and grow her business.  Below are two of the great designs for the shirts so you can see for your self.  Call us today so we can help you.


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