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Precision Tork is a company that is nestled in Midland, MI and creates parts for the bottling industry. 

They came to us looking for a redesign of their current website which needed a lot of work. 

Their site was not mobile responsive and had no call to actions or explanation of what products they offered. 

The challenge on this product was immediate as the images we had to work with were not conducive for a high level responsive website, so they agreed to have our on staff photographer capture their product offering. 

While taking the photos, we notice right away we would have to use our years of experience with taking photos and use filters to capture the shiny surfaces of their products. The end results was amazing!

For the website we created a synergistic approach of product imagery and contextual information to engage the user, yet inform them on the products offered by Precision Tork.

Digital Designs not only designs appealing looking websites, but they rank better too. In the first 3 months of the website being online, the SEM rush rank went from 22 to 33. This was with no marketing or active SEO campaign.  Just proper web design technique.

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