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Voted #1 Web Design Company | In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!


Voted #1 Web Design Company In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!

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In today’s competitive landscape if your website is not ranking in the top 3 of Google’s search or at least the top 5, you might as well not rank at all. 

Having a Michigan marketing firm that does the leg work for your SEO online presence is essential. 

The lifeblood of your online relevance is within the keyword saturation of your website and brand presence, does your company have this? If not, you need to work with a marketing company in Michigan like Digital Designs to help gain exposure.

Here are some statistics from Google that are mind-blowing for business owners. 

The #1 rank in Google’s search engine provides for almost 12 billion searches a month. That correlates to 1.17 billion unique users searching every month. 


People click on the #1 ranked website over all others, look below to see the percentages of how people click depending on where you rank.

  • The #1 ranking search result get 42.25% of all clicks
  • The #2 position receives 11.94%
  • The #3 position receives 8.47%
  • The #4 position receives 6.05%
  • From #5-#10 receives 5%
  • #1-#10 on page one of Google gets 89.71% of all the traffic
  • Sites on page 2 of Google get 4.37%
  • Sites on page 3 of Google get 2.42 %
  • Sites on page 4 of Google get 1.07%
  • All other pages get the rest of the 1%

These numbers are apparent that you need to be on page 1, but even more important ranking in the top 3 on page 1 is the best way to get a conversion.


Ranking in the top 3


There is another factor that you have to consider. Digital Designs has designed over 1,000 websites to date. As a Michigan web design company, what we have found is the people who click on a website that ranks in the top 3 are your best types of customers. They know what they want, and know you are the company they wish to conduct business with. 

Ranking in the top 3 builds confidence in your brand, and that translates into people buying from you over your competition. When you rank on the bottom of page 1 or page 2, these customers tend to be more time wasters and are more picky and put more strain on your companies time and resources to acquire as your customers. 

Every business wants a customer who is easy to deal with, and that takes less time from your time and in the end, makes your customer acquisition cost much less from the more demanding customers. This is where not being on the top of search ranking can really hurt you. You get the leftover toxic customers.


There are a lot of snake oil marketing and SEO companies out there. If they cannot rank in the top #3 for themselves, how do you expect them to rank you and your business?

The top Marketers


Digital Designs’ competition are all marketing and SEO companies, so for us to rank in the top 3 in Google in all of our niches is legitimately the hardest of all business niche. 

That being said, we have the #1 ranking profile of any Michigan web design company and marketing company in Michigan. Ranking at the top is not an easy or overnight task. Knowing the top keywords for your industry and using them throughout your website is vital. 

The more optimized SEO content you have on your website, the higher your site will rank on Google. However, if it were just that easy, every site would rank #1. 

Not to discourage you, but the 10,000-hour rules apply to SEO. If you have not been in the industry of ranking websites for a very very long time, you stand no chance against a company with the experience of Digital Designs.

Of the keywords listed aside, which are the most searched for in our niche, we get almost 60% of all search traffic. These statistics are why we have cemented ourselves as the #1 Michigan web design and marketing company. Being #1 was and is still not an easy task, but we have the know-how to do it, whereas most quite frankly cannot do what we can do. 

If you are looking for a Michigan marketing company that has a realistic chance to get your company ranking and resulting in more leads, sales, and low customer acquisition costs, contact us today.


Below you will find the keywords that Digital Designs ranks for. The next time you look for a marketing company in Michigan, make sure they can rank their own website. We sure can.

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Don’t delay, if you want to rank your website #1 in Google and want to increase your business contact us today.

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Digital Designs hasa proven record for 13+ years of being able to rank websites for our clients. If you want real results contact the best marketing company in Michigan. We will work with you to help you dominate your competitors.