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Voted #1 Web Design Company | In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!


Voted #1 Web Design Company In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!

Busy Enough?

Business growth

As we answer the phone and talk to new clients we hear a message that is really quite disturbing.  We want to grow their business, but they are busy enough.  People call us for a new website, but they completely ignore the fact that the Internet is the single best place to spend your marketing dollars.  The recent economy has given many people and small businesses extra income. Businesses are taking advantage by doing things that need to be done.  But, please be aware that resurfacing the parking lot, upgrading the break room and tuning up the company car are not the same as updating your website.


Your website is not only a cool thing that makes you look cool, but also a tool to grow your business.  We find that many businesses are incredibly busy and not looking for more business.  We’re “Busy Enough” they tell me.  Look at the squirrels!  They fill their bellies first then their cheeks and when those are full, they fill a tree with nuts.  Learn from them!  It gets cold in the winter.  When you get all caught up, the business might not be there.  Hiring is another story.   Learn how to grow.

We got your back

We mentioned above that your website is a tool.  Well, in our hands it’s like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon.  Call us right now.  We can help you with your website and consult on business growth.  If you look around on our site you’re bound to find a client of ours you know.  Maybe you know Envision Eyecare.  Check out our Google Reviews.  We love to help businesses grow and you don’t have to let us toot our own horn.  Our clients do that for us.  We were, after all, voted #1 web designer in Michigan three years in a row!

Want The Best



Digital Designs knows that if you give us a chance to help your business, you will not regret it. We have proven for almost 15 years that we are the best web design company in Michigan and create graphic design and marketing solutions that truly get RESULTS!