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Voted #1 Web Design Company In Michigan Creating Designs No Others Can!


Tips for 2014

Today I am going to give you guys my top 11 list of Online marketing tips. Google is constatly shacking up the world with its algorithm changes. It used to take 6 months or more for these changes to come out but now they are updating their SERPS almost on a monthly basis now.

Here's a list

So as of today these are the things we need to do:

  • Big Data is a important part of mobile : Collect as much data as you can; get permission; monetize it; and then decide how to merge it, mine it, share it, or sell it.
  • Content marketing love it or hate it this is what is required if you want any success with your online marketing strategy.
  • Bad Links will kill you!  If you are still creating links on websites that have nothing to do with your business or services STOP!
  • Content marketing is inclusive of audience development so don’t worry so much about the content, worry about what your audience thinks about the content.
  • Rise your audience development.
  • If you are no using Twitter and engaging your audience, its time to do start.
  • Engage your audience: This is easier said than done. Allow an expert to help with this and it can pay off big.
  • Don’t publish crap content. Putting junk on your blog or social media websites will only hurt you.
  • Keep your URL structure clean
  • If consumers have a negative Google Maps experience they’ll connect that negative association with your brand. It’s important to make sure your brand’s local data is right on maps and mobile.
  • Being small doesn’t mean you are unable to succeed with big business competition. If you are marketing a small business, you need to think of your small business as a smaller business that can 100% compete with bigger companies.

In conclusion

These are just a few of the many things required to have a real Online marketing strategy, but if you plan on taking on the daunting task of marketing your business yourself these may help. We recommend contact us if you are serious about marketing yourself Online and we will help you create a strategy that will get real results.

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