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Project Details:



Williams Cheese contacted Digital Designs to help rebuild their e-commerce website due to the ineffectiveness of converting and selling the amount of products they felt they could.

The problem with this project was their corporate identity was very dated. To pull of what we envisioned, they needed to change their look.

We started with a logo refresh and, with the impact the logo made, they decided to have us redesign one of the product labels. The feedback from their customers and distributors was overwhelming. We are currently in the process of designing their entire product line and an additional product line from a private labeler. We also created multiple branding and literature pieces for them.

Then came the website in which we created a dual site that consisted of an informational site for the product line and then e-commerce store for customers to purchase.

The Results:

Williams Cheese is one of most loyal and integral partners. The success with this client is nearly immeasurable. We produce design elements like label designs, catalogs, website updates and upgrades etc. on weekly basis. This type of client is what Digital Designs is all about. Our firm is built to handle all your marketing and designs needs and will not rest until we deliver huge ROI. We have the mentality that if you hire us, we want to destroy your competition. We feel you are equal to us, so your success is as important as ours. With Williams Cheese, this is evidence of not just talk, but action.

From Their Mouths

“I have been in the market of cheese for over 50 years and I have not seen a better design than what Digital Designs produced for our company.”

The Marketing

We started working with William Cheese by redesigning their logo and then redesigning their product line and literature, then moved onto their website and e-commerce solution. Their website went live on October 2015 and from that date, their website has increased in traffic and Google relevancy nearly every month. Around Christmas of 2016, we made a few tweaks to the website. As you can see by the graph below, their traffic and Google relevancy has exploded. Digital Designs knows what it takes to get the search engines to notice your website and, in return, convert on those visitors and increase revenue. Why take the chance with your business? Contact us today!

Williams Cheese marketing graph