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web design Michigan

That seems to get what people are typing in to get to us.  So, like Google, we want to give the people what they want.  Digital Designs is a company that works hard and stays at the cutting edge of the Internet.  In fact, this WordPress blog is a neat way to make these keywords get to us.  Pretty neat huh?  We thought so.  I’ll post the results later.  When typing your search query into you need to be aware of case because it matters.  Web Design Michigan gives us different results.  This is what we do.  See our Strategic Planning and Search Ranking.


I sit here typing as I watch the devastation of Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and realize that what I do matters.  Many people are hurting down there.  Up here in Michigan we will probably never get a hurricane, but we need to send our prayers and continue to do what we do.  As I sit on my couch and work I keep the economy going.  Design matters and that’s why people search for it.  So, that may seem like a stretch, but we can’t all stop and gawk when others are in distress.  Those of us who are closer can help, but the rest of us just need to continue working and praying.


I love my state.  I love all states, but Michigan has a special place in my heart and in the hearts of all Digital Designs employees.  The seasons change bringing beauty, the cost of living in mid-Michigan is the second lowest in the nations, GREAT LAKES, Red Wings.  What’s not to love.  I’m not the only one who thinks so because 525 people searched for “web design Michigan” this month.  In fact, my town of Freeland was voted the number one place to raise a family a couple years ago.  That’s why our schools are now busting at the seams with 5 year olds.  🙂


Thanks for reading,