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Project Details:



Valuepoint Material Solutions came to Digital Designs right within a year after another company designed their website to make it responsive/mobile. Even though the past developer created a responsive website, it lacked the proper customer engagement to get the site to convert traffic and also was not effectively programmed to allow Google to properly index the website for optimal rankings and relevancy. This client was a big challenge, not from a design stand point, but in terms of their perspective client base. Their client base is less than a thousand, but they are very large clients so the challenge is to convert the traffic that is coming to website and get it in the eyes of those very few. We effectively created a website that differentiates them from their competition and will convert the traffic on page. We also used unique on page transitions on each row on this website that was brand new at the time.

The Results:

This website has delivered for ValuePoint Material Solutions. They are very pleased with the finished product and the metrics show that it is performing exactly how it was intended to perform. There are some very unique aspects to this website that , if you look closely, you can see some very custom designed elements that are not very easy to pull off on a responsive website. Another satisfied customer!

From Their Mouths

” We attend a show in our industry each year, and when the presenter gives and example of what a website is supposed to look and function like in our industry, they use our site as the example. “

The Marketing

Look at the graph below and you can see the metrics don’t lie.  A competitor of Digital Designs created a website for ValuePoint just a year earlier and their rankings were much lower in comparison. We pushed the site live in October 2016 and the rise is incredible from just doing things the right way. Google has a peak cycle in its rankings, it gives you a boost then tapers down and regulates the rankings. As you can see, it spiked, came back down a little, and is now on a consistent rise. This is a perfectly performing website. We cannot stress this more; anyone can make a website, but very few can make a website that will increase your business. Having someone who is not a true professional with a proven record of growth is risking your business and future growth. Why take the chance with your business? Contact us today!

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