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Project Details:



The University Of Michigan Taubman Institute came to Digital Designs looking for a way to be able to fully manage their website in all ways. They wanted to be able to change every aspect of their website. Normally, we do not recommend customers changing graphical elements on the website. As we have seen over the years, they tend to make the website not look as professional as the graphics our designers produce, but this is what they wanted so we delivered. We created a back-end content management system that allows them to:

  • add unlimited pages
  • add unlimited blog posts
  • change text and images on all pages
  • create professor profiles and information
  • create users and editing privileges for each user

We also developed a very cool scholar profile back-end management system. This allows them to create, assign, and modify their scholar institute profiles. When clicking on the profile, we developed a slide out animation feature that sticks to the side of the screen for easy viewing in a unique way.

The Results:

This project was very unique for Digital Designs. Most of our clients rely on us to create design elements that keep the integrity of the website and avoid any graphics that are not aesthetically pleasing. At the end of the day, we did exactly what they wanted and developed a website that blew them away when we handed it over!

As a company that has high integrity and honesty with our clients, we must say that they made some changes to the website that we feel do not look very pleasing, so we were hesitant to put this in our portfolio. However, this is a good example of a website that is completely user-managed and shows the value of a design firm like Digital Designs. We are experts in Design and marketing principles to keep your website and conversion rate highly effective.