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Project Details:



Reaction Armory came to Digital Designs to create a unique logo and corporate identity that had a very industrial look to play on their name. We created a logo that incorporated a burning bullet and nuclear reactor icon to go with a metallic background theme. After getting raving reviews of their branding and printed literature, they wanted us to build them a website.

We decided to create a look that really stands out and has a very ‘in your face’ look and feel to match the designs they produce with their custom designed Cerakote firearms. The Reaction Armory owner is a talented creative designer himself, so to meet his expectations was no easy task, but we were up for the challenge as always.

From Their Mouths

” I’ve been a client of digital designs for years. Owning multiple companies, they are the first source I turn to for logos, business cards and brochures. Every website that they have created has been simply top notch.

Digital designs is hands-down the best in this industry.

Update – Have to give a shoutout to Dewayne Dailey. Now working a deal with a very large firearms company to service parts in the 5-6 digit quantity after seeing the work we do all thanks the the awesome website that they have built us. You guys need to check out if you haven’t yet and see the unbelievable work they do. Be sure to check them out as well! “

The Results:

The Reaction Armory website has had a overwhelming amount of praise for the website as a whole. We created a unique animation header that incorporated a neon glow of their name and a button to slide to the main content on the homepage.

Just like on our own website, we created a unique center logo with dual menus with a slight mega-menu look. We also created widgets that have amazing animations to their main products and services of focus. We also incorporated our own design style of page content with the offset content and graphic backgrounds with parallax.

This website continues to deliver and plans are already being made to build on their e-commerce store.