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New Branch Logo

Today we finished the New Branch Logo.  It’s the start of an entire web design and marketing project we’re working on for a company.  Designing a logo gives us a ton of information about a client because we force ourselves to spent at least one hour discussing it.  We try to get in front of people, but usually a phone call does the trick.  I absolutely will not gather content about a logo (or anything else) unless I’m in front of or at least on the phone with a client.  I gather information about things they like.  For example, colors, styles and other logos.  It’s important to get the feel of what they want so I can pass it to our designers.  This process is very important and we push high level design.  Most of the time we gather the information and design only one logo for them not multiple logos.

Unsocial Media

Yes I said that.  I make it a point to visit or at very least call on the telephone when working with clients.  I will email or text only (NEVER USE SOCIAL MEDIA)  to gather information for something quick.  It’s important to build relationships with people in business for long term financial gain.  It does the client a favor too.  When you can make someone comfortable with you a serious value has been added.  You’ve given them piece of mind.  You can’t buy that.

Back to the Logo

I like, they like it.   One of the troubles they had was being associated with landscaping companies.  That is not what they do.  They are a logistics company.  You can see how having the word “branch” in their name and liking the color green made it tough to get away from landscaping.  However, we did it.  We settled on a truck and the initials.  We kept the green.


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