Millennials Need Our Help

I’m a marketing guy.  Naturally, my brain goes to “How can I make my boss more money”.  He is the best boss ever and a very generous guy.  He takes care of me because I work hard. I am a Generation X’er.  I was raised by great parents. My mom died when I was 12 and my Dad did a great job and would lean more on the side of tough love than pampering.  I don’t have the greatest relationship with him because we are so similar, but I have a strong respect for him and will do anything for him.  He taught me how to swim by throwing me out of the boat and making me swing back at 7 years old.

Nowadays that would be considered child abuse, but being a skinny kid I learned that fat floats.  I still don’t have any.  I am a very strong swimmer.

What Else Did Dad Teach Me?

My Dad also told me that when I graduated from high school I could live at his house for free, but I had to go to college and I had to pay for it.  I also had to pay for my car, car insurance, and cell phone.  Yes, they had those back then. When I was 18, he told me I needed to start a ROTH IRA and needed to put $100.00 a month of MY OWN MONEY into it.  The point is that I’m 41 now and I’ll EASILY retire with more money than I’ve ever made working.  I was taught that hard work and patience pay off.

Help is here!

I’m learning that Millennials didn’t get this training.  A big reason is the economy.  Both parents having to work and no one has the time.  At Digital Designs we are using our Strategic Planning service as a way to help businesses. We can train their management to develop Millennials.  Isn’t that out of scope?  Maybe, but a picture of a truly successful business is one that adapts to change and helps itself and others grow. Businesses are made up of human beings.  We need to train people to love people.


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