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Loryco Hose & Fitting Solutions came to Digital Designs many years ago looking for an e-commerce website for a division of their company called Everything Hoses. We create a successful website for them, so they contracted us to design many logos, marketing, literature, and many other things for their many businesses. When the time came to redesign the Loryco Host & Fitting website, it was no surprise they contacted us to do so. Their existing site was designed by another firm and was not ranking at all for the keywords they wanted to rank for. We created a website that was focused on conversions and to help get them better rankings.

The Results:

The website represents their brand in the way the want it to. We also targeted our focus on simplifying the website to make it very easy and clear to the viewer to get the information they need. This website will also contain an e-commerce solution in the near future that will be focused on capturing the interest of the viewing into a buying customer. This website’s metrics are very impressive, with a 22% bounce rate and 83% tier 3 click through rate. Because of the amazing metrics this website has, Google has taken notice and started to rank them quite impressively for not doing any sort of off-page marketing for the website. Future plans, once the e-commerce solution is live, are to promote the website. With this level of success so far, that campaign is posed to be exceptional.

Customer Loyalty

Loryco is a long time customer of ours and we have designed multiple websites, logos and literature for many of their companies.

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The Marketing

Look at the graph below and you can see another perfect example of what a responsive website can do for your rankings in Google. In September of 2016, their website did not rank at all for any keywords in Google. By choosing the proper structure of call to actions, tracking the metric for their user experience, and tweaking the conversion rates, we were able to get Google to take notice. As the graph shows below, they are on the rise in their rankings. Little bits of fluctuation are normal in the ranking process but, over the course of a year, we can almost always gain noticeable rankings for your website with just a proper design. Again, this is a great example of how important a website designed by professionals is for your business. Why take the chance with your business? Contact us today!

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