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Project Details:



Envision Eye Care has been a loyal customer of Digital Design for almost eight years. We have created three websites for them to date and produced a search engine marketing campaign for them in the past. Envision Eye Care had no web presence when they first came to us. Their website was designed poorly and the first website we created made a huge impact, so when the time came to create another one, they contacted us. We implemented new call-to-action strategies and produced an effective online marketing strategy that was wildly successful. Today, with the needs of a website to be responsive and have as good of a mobile presence as desktop, Envision Eye Care contacted us again to help produce a site for them. The website we produced has received raving reviews from their customers and they keep growing as a company. The sky is the limit for this company.

The Results:

The Reaction Armory website has had a overwhelming amount of praise for the website as a whole. We create a unique animation header that incorporated a neon glow of their name and a button to slide to the main content on the homepage.

Just like on our own website we created a unique center logo with dual menus with a slight mega menu look. We also created widgets that have slick animations to their main products and services of focus. We also incorporated our own design style of page content with the offset content and graphic backgrounds with parallax.

This website continues to deliver and plans are already being made to build on their e-commerce store.

From Their Mouths

” We just went live with our new and greatly improved website created by Digital Designs. This is the second site they created for us and, as much as we liked the first one, we LOVE the second one even more. They are very professional and extremely creative. Everyone worked with us very closely to build a site that truly expressed who we are here at Envision Eye Care.

They know what matters in the rankings and will create a site that incorporates these important aspects, making your website a true extension of your business and get you noticed. A pleasure to work with, I recommend Digital Designs to anyone looking to build a new presence on the web. Thank you Digital Designs for a job well done! “

The Marketing

Envision Eye Care also came to us wanting to increase their search rankings. They service a good portion of Michigan with multiple locations and wanted to rank in those areas. When they came to us, they were not ranking in the top 100 of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Below is the ranking profile in just six months of our marketing strategy. We ranked them in all of their keywords and ranked those keywords on the first page.

You don’t get any better than this in six months of Online Marketing!

Google keywords ranking: #0Google keywords ranking: #17
Google keywords in top 10: #0Google keywords in top 10: #17
Bing keywords ranking: #0Bing keywords ranking: #17
Bing keywords in top 10: #0Bing keywords in top 10: #17
Yahoo keywords ranking: #0Yahoo keywords ranking: #17
Yahoo keywords in top 10: #0Yahoo keywords in top 10: #13
Total# of Top % Rankins: #0Total# of Top % Rankins: #21
Total# of #1 & #2 Rankings: #0Total# of #1 & #2 Rankings: #11