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Project Details:



Douglas Family Vision wanted Digital Designs to build a website that matched their corporate branding and allowed people to identify their brick and mortar building with their website image. We quickly set off the make that happen.

The issue with their old website was that it had no pizzazz, and was very flat and boring. It was responsive, but had no clear direction or engagement.

We decided to use the same colors as they used on the exterior and interior of their building so that people knew exactly who they were dealing with.

We also created a check your glasses order back-end for them, as the one on their old website was broken and never functioned right.

The Results:

This website now has a look that people can identify with. Customers can use it to track their order status which retains those customers and brings them back to the website for other value added service. This website has performed to perfection for them.

From Their Mouths

” We attend a show in our industry each year, and when the presenter gives and example of what a website is supposed to look and function like in our industry they use our site and the example. “

The Marketing

The graph below shows a perfect example of what a responsive website can do for your rankings in Google. When Douglas Family Vision came to Digital Designs, they weren’t ranking well at all. Our metrics showed that, in the top 100, Google didn’t rank them. We didn’t do a marketing campaign for them, all that we did was develop a website that has great customer conversion ratios with Google. It is fully responsive and fed to the new Google Algorithms. Again, this is a great example of how important a website that is designed by professionals is for your business. Why take the chance with your business? Contact us today!

Douglas Family Vision marketing graph