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Chocolate Cheese is Great!

Chocolate Cheese is Great.  Yes you read that right.  Williams Cheese makes some amazing stuff, but I thought this one was sketchy.  Well, I was wrong.  This product tastes very good to say the least!  It took Williams Cheese quite a bit of testing and work to create this product.  Let’s face it though. This is just a very weird combination.  This is where we come it.

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I am quite excited about this product so it makes it for me to do these neat little marketing experiments.  I did a similar test with the Milano’s Pizza canolies and those little pieces of heaven sold like hot cakes.  Now I’m not so vain to think that my little opinion matters a hoot in this world.  But, I do know that I put forth the WORK to blog about it.  It takes about an hour to do a blog.  If 2 people read this work and tell 2 other people we have a chain reaction.  That’s marketing.  It’s not about billboards and a big ad in the phone book.  It’s about making something sound so great that Joe down the street wants to tell his friend about it.  Did I mention that Williams Cheese‘s Chocolate Cheese is great?


So now you’ve been reading here for at least 60 seconds.  You’ve given Digital Designs two clicks now and possibly one for Miliano’s Pizza too.  Not only that, but you’ve also decreased our bounce rate with Google.  You are a big help to us and the Michigan Economy and I for one appreciate you.  That’s marketing.  You’ve taken the time to read and you’ve enjoyed it or else you would have stopped by now.  Marketing is human to human when it’s done correctly.  In fact if we look through world history we will find that the biggest revolution was spread person to person.  Try some chocolate cheese.


Thanks for reading,